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Game Arenas

Adrenalin Games Paintball offers 7 exciting and diverse paintball arenas to play in. Each of our paintball arena has its own unique theme and can accommodate any size group. Buildings, helicopters, bridges… Welcome to a whole new paintball world!

Your objective: Operation Speedball

Training Exercise

  • Practice movement through low cover areas
  • Familiarise yourself with the high powered equipment
  • Use the triangular barricades for cover, enough for one person in each segment.

Paintballers hiding behind conesObjective

  • To completely obliterate the opposition
  • To run at the enemy without being shot
  • To retain as many of your own team as possible.

Your objective: desert storm


  • Hostile force in the area are looking to attack your VIP
  • They are trying to intercept the top secret documents
  • Enemy reported to be to the North of you position.

Paintball in our desert arenaObjective

  • Escort the VIP  from your FOB (Forward Operating Base)
  • Your best route is to move South East along the edge of the wadi
  • E-vac helicopter will be waiting for your team get the VIP onboard and move back to rally point.

Your objective: Operation urban


  • A known force has occupied a watch tower near the border
  • The force needs to be neutralised to allow ally convoys to pass through securely
  • Call signal for the convoy will be raising of the flag.



  • Use armoured APC to punch through enemy lines
  • Attack enemy and capture tower
  • Raise flag once facility is secure allowing convoy to proceed.

Your objective: Grindle bridge

Your elite commando unit has to defend the last serviceable bridge on a section of the grindle river. The opposition has assembled a force on the opposite side of the river and they are preparing for a counter attack to capture the bridge intact. You and your comrades will have to defend the bridge at all costs.                                                                                                                                                                              



  • Recce for weaknesses and other possible river crossing points
  • Try to send a section over to destroy the enemy base and re-group
  • The battle may carry on into the night so make good use of the bridge floodlighting
  • Keep hold of the bridge at all costs.
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